is inspired by the discipline of cybernetics (Kyber) and navigating the seas (Nautik). Cybernetics and systems theory applied to social systems allows for thinking in flows rather than states, taking the others' perspective, recognizing multicausality being the norm, and embracing and leveraging positive feedback. It implies accepting the nature of complexity and unpredictability of our world. To survive and thrive in such an environment, it is required to leave your comfort zone, manage risk actively and find ways to explore and navigate these seas of uncertainty with character, competence, and confidence.

Cultivating strategic thinking, imagination, and judgment is my compass, and executing with determination, conviction, and leadership is my engine to have a meaningful impact.

Therefore I call myself a practitioner with a scientific aspiration and consider myself on a lifelong learning journey where most of the learning happens through my own and others' experimentation and experiences.

The leap from experimentation to large-scale adoption happens naturally and is governed to a large extent by mastering organisational complexity.

Technological and exponential innovations like AI and Web3 enable impactful advancements.

Before I started my advisory practice, I spent +20 years at Tech Start-Ups, Scale-Ups, and Corporations from Europe and the US. During that time, I led innovation engagements with very large enterprises as a spin doctor with very high success rates.

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