Accelerate Execution

Social Systems Innovation is lagging accelerating technological advancements.

Kybernautik enables social systems innovation in data collaboration, token-based platforms, and open organisations. I do this by accelerating execution in such systems and projects' experimentation and adoption phases.

KYbernautik's Approach

Upgrading social systems to leverage technological innovation for more fairness, agency, and regeneration.

I aim to bootstrap exponential value and create positive-sum games by inspiring a growth and abundance mindset based on granted trust.

My three “circles of social innovations” describe what’s required to be successful in our world of exponential technologies and accelerating technological innovation. I am deeply knowledgeable and experienced in these fields. These “arrows of action” showcase what I can contribute to help manifest the next levels of innovation within and between advancing organisations.

I am only interested in engagements covering both the subject matter described in the innovation circles and activities described in the arrows of action. I also believe that you can only be wildly successful in one of the dimensions (circles or arrows) if you also master the second.

Get in contact

Feel free to reach out with questions or ideas about your project. Use the calendly link below to schedule a free consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.


Data Collaboration

Data is one of the most underutilized assets of our digital world. Especially across organisations, there is nearly no natural way of data collaboration. Unlocking data in a privacy-preserving and fair way is possible. See how.

Token-based Platform Design

We are in a crisis of institutions and governance overall. Technological advancements, e.g., in the blockchain and web3 space, can upgrade our governance models to become leaner, more effective, and robust and create better outcomes for everybody. Are you in?

Open Organisations

Typical Organisations are great at preserving the status quo and at executing processes efficiently. But they need to improve at creating what's genuinely new and innovative. Traditional hierarchies tend to create silos, competition, and negative externalities. Open Organisations can overcome these pitfalls. Would you like to know how?

Enabling Experimentation

Experimentation is the scientific way of gaining insights and inventions. This is also true for social systems. Predictions are becoming increasingly difficult in our highly interconnected and fast-paced world. Therefore we need to innovate iteratively with rapid experimentation in social spaces.

Drive Adoption

Once the “product-market fit” of a new product, platform, or system is proven by experimentation, the next goal is to achieve large-scale adoption. It is critical to leverage network effects and manages t bootstrap the ecosystem so that it gets beyond the inflection point (the chasm) of adoption.